About us

Our group of medical professionals has been operating in the Maresme and Vallés for over 25 years. The group was created in 1990 in Granollers by orthopedics and traumatology specialist Doctor Fernando Kirchner, along with other medical specialists, physiotherapists, nurses and masseurs.

From its very beginning, new collaborators have joined us in order to provide our patients with the widest range of services in the health care field,  as well as with the benefit of a coordinated collaboration among all the establishments which currently comprise the Barcelona Institute of Traumatology. The Agrupación Médica del Maresme, S.L. provides its support and organization regarding Reception, Administration and Commercial Management to our establishments and ensures the proper operation in all areas.

One of Barcelona Institute of Traumatology‘s more outstanding characteristics has been the incorporation of new professionals who have attended to the medical areas in most need and demand by the population. Special emphasis has been given to new and cutting-edge technologies in Pain treatment, being a member of the Sociedad Española del Dolor (SED), as well as to anti-aging therapies: PRP, PRGF, Ozone, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. All this has been achieved through the collaboration with mutual health insurance companies.

In short, our group’s main concern is its technical qualification by means of training courses, medical conferences and a continuous contact with other research teams. In addition to the investment in training of our personnel, the acquisitions in new technologies have placed Barcelona Institute of Traumatology, among the best work groups in the health care field.