Exercises to relieve cervical pain

Cervical pain is an increasingly common ailment. Depending on its intensity it can be a nuisance or become an insidious pain that generates great discomfort.
This pain is located in the cervical area, in the back of our neck. It produces a sensation of throbbing pain that intensifies as time passes, when we do not rest and when we do nothing to reverse it.

cervical pain

Emotional stress and incorrect postures maintained over time, are two essential factors when suffering from neck pain or neck pain. Of course there may be some type of pathology, in which case we must visit a specialist who diagnoses and treats us.

However, it is often an accumulation of tension in the cervical area that implies an imbalance in the placement of bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, etc. The more time it takes to treat it, the more complicated it becomes, since our body tends to compensate for structural imbalances and this causes more and more of the muscles, bones and tendons involved.



What exercises can be done to relieve cervical pain?

You can practice a series of exercises that will serve to stretch the cervical area and avoid neck pain.
These exercises can be done at any time of the day, gently, slowly and consciously. When doing them, they should not generate pain.

1. Cervical rotation

At work or whenever possible, sit straight, with your back straight and resting on the backrest.
The arms should be on the sides, relaxed, you can support them on your legs.
Bring your chin towards one of your shoulders, thus turning your head to one side and then repeat towards the other. Perform several repetitions, better if you can do it a minimum of 5 times per side.


2. Lateral flexion

Following the previous position, resting your back on a chair or armchair, try to bring your ear to your shoulder.
You can accompany this movement by placing your opposite hand on the head, as if pushing it. Do not forget to do it gently, without forcing the movement.
Repeat with each side.


3. Movements back and forth

Bring your neck back, directing your gaze to the ceiling, then gently return to your initial position and bring your neck down trying to look at the ground. Try to relax the jaw with slow exhalations. Avoid bending your back.


4. Relax your shoulders

The shoulders are also part of the support of the cervical area, so we must also take them into account.
Perform circular movements with both shoulders, rotating outwards or backwards and then moving them forward.
Repent 10 times without bending your back. You will feel how your shoulders are released from tension and the feeling of “burden” is relieved.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact our specialists of the Traumatology Institute Barcelona who will inform you in detail.

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