Injections of Growth Factors

Growth Factors or Protein-rich Plasma, are soluble protein substances contained inside the platelets, capable of stimuilating other cells into creating a large variety of processes, such as the creation of new tissue, wound healing, tissue repair, bone, ligament and skin healing etc.

These Factors specifically bind to receptors on the target cells suface. They act as a chemical messenger capable of inducing, andstimulating cell multiplication in the event of injury and of repairing the specific tissue. Adult stem cells require this stimulus of the growth factors, in order to produce substances and specific cells to form the right kind of tissue.

The procedure to extract these factors is simple, reliable, painless and no anesthesia is needed. Much like in a blood test, a small amount of blood is drawn in order to obtain the required platelet concrentrate. The blood goes through a specific procedure and once the PROTEIN-RICH PLASMA is obtained we proceed to combine it with ozone and inject it in the area to be treated, using very fine needles.

There are no side effects as it is an autologous implant, so therre are no potential allergic reactions. Once the application is complete, ice and magnetic fields are used “in situ”. The patient may then go home and apply ice on the area during the following two days.

When Growth Factors are used:
• The healing of fractures.
• Bone grafting.
• Delayed healing.
• Pseudoarthrosis.
• Arthrosis.
• Muscular, tendon and other injuries.
• Facial rejuvenation.

In each instance, they help facilitate recovery, injury repair and decrease pain and swelling.