Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Field Therapy

The iron atoms from red blood cells react to the magnetic properties of an electromagnet when we place one over our body. It increases the blood flow in the area where the magnet is applied , which leads to an increase in the oxigen delivery to the cells, stimulates matabolism and facilitates toxic products removal.

Diseases emerge when there is an imbalance in the electromagnetic potentials of our body. This technique, and others which support it, provide the possibility to improve treatment for all kinds of pain, tension and muscle soreness, bone fractures, osteoporosis, joint conditions, haematomas, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

This technique is always used in addition to other therapies diagnosed by a specialist, to help patients recovery. It must be precribed by a medical expert.

The Global Institute for Rehabilitation (56 Colon St., Mataró) offers its patients 3 portable magnetic fields kits for the upper and lower limbs and a fixed high power equipment for cervical, dorsal and and lumbar spines treatment.