An Arthroscopy is a surgical technique first implemented in the 1970’s, that allows the inspection of the interior of a joint with just a two milimitre cut by means of a high-tech micro camera.
Through a similar cut, small and highly ductile surgical instruments are introduced to perform a wide variety of surgical  procedures which, before the appearance of Arthroscopy, required larger cuts, general anesthesia and longer hospital stays. Additionally, post sugical immobilizationS, slow recoveries and painful rehabilitation were required in the past.

Nowadays, this surgical procedure is performed as an OUTPATIENT basis, using LOCAL or REGIONAL ANESTHESIA, with NO POST TREATMENT IMMOBILIZATION required, allowing the patient to resume painless moderate activity almost immediately, thanks to the GROWTH FACTORS used during treatment, and the fast rehabilitation which allow the orthopedic surgeon to use more sophisficated techniques than the ones used barely 10 years ago.