Hip and knee protheses

It is surgery to fully or partially replace the knee or hip joint with an artificial joint called protheses.

Hip protheses

There are several reasons why your doctor might recomend a hip joint replacement surgery. Candidates to this type of surgery often suffer from:

• Hip pain which entails a limitation of daily activities, like walking or squatting.
• Hip pain which persits while resting
• Stiffness in the hip joint which restricts movement or prevents lifting a leg.
• Insufficient pain relief when using pharmacological pain relievers.

Knee protheses

The most common reason to have a knee joint replacement is to relieve severe arthritis pain. Doctors may recommend this surgery when:

• Suffering from knee arthritis pain which prevents sleep or perform daily activities.
• Pain prevents walking and to move properly.
• The pain in the knee has not subsided with any other treatment.
• Radiological confirmation of artrosic deformation of several joint cavities.