Spinal column

Cervical and lumbar
Low back pain and sciatica

In the Barcelona Institute of Traumatology, we have been taking care of the spinal column for over 20 years, using minimally invasive tratments. At first, with Radiofrequency Rhizolysis and later on with tecniques such as ozone for the tratment of herniated disks. Nowadays, we use regenerative therapies such as Growth Factors (PRGF).

  • Injections (in outpatient facilities and operating room).
  • Discolisis (vertebral disc prolapse and chronic degenerative injuries).
  • Rhizolysis (low back pain due to arthrosis).


Vertebral disk prolapse

• Lumbar and cervial arthrosis

• Whiplash trauma

• Vertebral fractures


Growth Factors Therapy

Although our lumbar or cervical minimally invasive therapy using Growth Factors (PRGF) is an outpatient treatment, it has to be performed in an operating room, as the injection has to be guided by a fluoroscope (scanner). This procedure requires minimal oral or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. No surgery takes place and no scapel is used in this treatment and it is performed in an outpatient fashion.

This procedure lasts about 40 minutes, after which the patient can go back home unaided as no further assistance is required. On the day after treatment, the patient can lead a normal life, avoiding physical exertion during the next few days.


Additional information about Growth Factors