Tendinopathy is a musculoskeletal disorder that occurs with chronic inflammation of a tendon, causing pain, inflammation (either diffuse or in a localized area), difficulty in making movements and as a consequence, decreased functionality of the area.

Tendinopatía de rodilla

This inflammation is generated due to repetitive movements that cause micro breaks, which eventually lead to the inflammation of one or several tendinous structures. Tendinopathies can affect both sedentary people and those who perform physical activity. The tendinopathies constitute from 15% to 30% of the health problems in the workplace, reaching percentages of 50% in the sports field.

Among the most common you find tendinosis, tendinitis, paratendinitis and enthesopathies. The most frequent affect the shoulder, tennis elbow (golfer), trochanter, knees, patellar tendinopathy, etc.

Tendinopathies are injuries in the tendon that produce pain, inflammation, or diffuse in a localized area and functional disability.



The main symptoms of tendinopathies are:
– Pain and inflammation of the tendinous structures
– Loss of mobility and decreased functionality
– Alteration of sensitivity

The diagnosis of tendinopathy is based on a localized pain that usually follows a common behaviour: morning stiffness; pain at the beginning of the activity that gets worse at the end, lasting for 2 to 3 days if the activity has been intense; and night pain, if the tendon has been subjected to compression forces.



Tendinopathy treatment

At present there is a great diversity of treatments, although each tendinopathy must be treated by the trauma specialist individually.

It must take into account parameters such as the time of onset of symptoms, if the patient has a history of general illness or drug taking, if the onset is abrupt or aggressive, if the type of pain is superficial or deep, the type of tendon -The Achilles tendon will not behave the same as the patellar tendon- whether or not there is pathological neovascularization, the existence or not of a degenerative focus in the tendon, the location of the lesion.


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